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Yorkshire Candle Company

Yorkshire Candle Company

On a winter evening at a cottage in Sheffield, James was curled up by the fire (just setting the scene).

As he stirred from a nap waking in a warm living room, he was greeted with the sight of a thousand tea lights in the most cosy room you could possibly imagine, (okay okay it was more like thirty tea lights but thirty is still quite a few). Cosy by the fire and with a cocktail of fruit being served in the kitchen, he took everything in and at this very moment was completely and unquestionably happy.

One of the reasons we are so fond of scented candles is because they evoke memories and emotion, the most unique thing we are all able to share. It was this very moment that the candles and fruit had created a sense of happiness and well-being for James. Those fruity scents now remind him of this particular evening whenever he smells them. It's this feeling of having fond memories recalled that James wants to share.

Wanting to create environmentally friendly candles he began using natural soy wax and natural ring-spun cotton wicks. So far we have a range of 10 fragrances most of which have a link to our city, such as the very popular Endcliffe Park fragrance.

Our business was only established in 2015 so we’re still new and we need as much support as possible. Please get in touch if you’d like to know any more about us or if you can be a helping hand along the way.


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