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Mel Davies

Mel Davies Art

Mel Davies is an international selling artist who has been drawing and painting all his life. A successful commission artist for many years, he creates portraits from life and photographs, and his landscapes have also become very popular, featuring in successful exhibitions around Yorkshire.. Mel is predominantly self taught, focusing mainly on working in oil. His work is in private collections around the UK and Europe, having a natural ability to produce pieces of art to a high standard. Most of his paintings are oil on canvas, he has also produced some stunning work in gouache. Over the years his work has found its way into private homes and recently in the newly built New York Stadium in Rotherham.

International selling artist Mel Davies S.T.A wishes not to categorize his artistic style as he does not want to limit himself or his art work. His art is simply the passionate expression of his strong romantic feelings. Mel has many pieces of work in private collections in the UK, The Republic of Ireland, Europe, America and Australia.

Wonderful feedback from a resent sale.
'The Autumn Lights the Way' has lighten up my house, my thoughts and my emotions. It will apply its therapeutic and 'cathartic' effect wherever I will be living in the future' A modern London apartment or a small white and blue painted house in one of Santorini's sides..I don't know as yet..But your painting should help me to decide...
Thank you for such an extraordinary piece of art. I will be looking after it for the rest of my life.


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