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Sarah Timmins

Timmins Candles

Sarah spent sooooo much money on Candles she decided to try her hand at making her own!
Grabbing a candle making kit for £20 on eBay her journey began.
Timmins Candles was born.
Family and friends loved them so much they started buying them!

Lightbulb moment.... I could actually make a success of this!

Extensive research into natural wax, wicks, vegan friendly and local fragrance suppliers - 3 months later Timmins Candles went public.

Now in retail stores and regular craft stalls around Yorkshire.

Support local businesses. Buy local.

Handmade scented candles and wax melts - made in Sheffield with LOVE

100% Natural Soy Wax (Vegan Friendly)

Delicious fragrances to suit all noses.


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