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Heppo Art

Heppo Art

Born in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, my interest in crafting things came from childhood. After school I took an apprenticeship in sheet metal where I learnt my trade and have since been working with steel for nearly 30 years.

Making sculptures with pieces of scrap became a hobby until I started receiving requests for my work. Being invited to exhibitions and events created a lot of commission work for me, and my business has continued to grow ever since.

Now a self employed, full time artist/ sculpture, I take a lot of inspiration for my art from our industrial past, rural environments and nature. Combined with my love of art and the desire to use other ‘scrap’ I will endeavour to create sculptures that are appreciated for their aesthetic appeal as well as the fascination aroused from the eclectic components used.

All of my pieces are made from recycled steel, anything whatsoever, whether from car boot sales or kind donations. I especially love bringing new life to old tools of trades that are slowly being left behind. Examples of my sculptures include owls, dragonflies, flowers, lions, spiders and many more!


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